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R-panel fence stands strong against the harshest weather conditions and is an excellent option for someone seeking privacy along with durability. Constructed from the same corrugated metal that is used in metal buildings and roofing, this style of fence is specifically designed to withstand the elements. From scorching heat to heavy rains, hailstorms to snowstorms, R-panel fencing is built to endure most things mother nature can throw at it. To provide an extra layer of reinforcement, the framework of the fence is typically built from structural steel, ensuring that the panels remain steadfast in the face of strong winds and severe weather. At Prime Fence Co, we understand the importance of a fence that can withstand nature’s fury without compromising on quality or aesthetic appeal. Trust us to deliver R-panel fencing that combines rugged durability with exceptional craftsmanship, providing you with a long lasting solution that can weather the storm.

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